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We have therapy and counseling for every kind of abuse and trauma there is, except the abuse and trauma of the consistent microaggressions and systemic racism our children are exposed to daily.  Modern science and psychology have proven beyond a doubt that subtle and/or blatant racism and microaggressions can have a major impact on people of color.

Until The Path to The Unbreakable You Course, parents did not have access to effective, practical tools and strategies to help teenage children of African, American Indian, Asian and Latino/Hispanic descent heal from systemic racism and transcend the unique challenges they face as teens of color.



This online course was so helpful. I never even realized how much power my children and I have and how much of a negative impact race had on us. This course was nothing less than amazing!

Arlene Miller


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Proven Strategies and Techniques

The Path to The Unbreakable You Course is an invaluable resource for parents of teenagers and young adults of color, helping accelerate them to success. This course was created from a grassroots effort, from personal life experiences and over two decades of research.  These are proven strategies, tools and techniques that will not only inspire your children and help them protect their self-concept and self-appreciation, but help them heal from the wounds caused from past and present racism. The Path to The Unbreakable You Course will help them unlearn the misinformation and limitations created by the manmade construct of race and systemic racism. It will help awaken your child’s inner genetic power and bring them fully alive, focused and determined to set and achieve their academic, career and personal goals.

Benefits of the Course

  • Decrease of emotional stress, anxiety, fear and self-doubt caused by microaggressions, being perceived as a minority while learning, working and living in systemic racism
  • Increased sense of belonging, self-appreciation, confidence and ability to compete and win in competitive situations when you are the only one who is perceived as a minority in school, on a team, in the workplace, organization or community
  • Increased ability to stay in alignment with your genetic structure and transcend the limitations and downward pull of the matrix of race
  • Increased emotional literacy, self-awareness, mindfulness
  • Remain calm, focused and in control when dealing with biased people who are trying to play racism mind games or exhibiting discriminatory behavior
  • Increased ability to create, protect and maintain the highest version of themselves when surrounded by white superiority images and messages in the media and society
  • Increased visioning, dreaming and short- and long-term planning for a successful, meaningful future
  • Increased resilience and perseverance in ability to succeed after setbacks and disappointments
  • Staying creative, using your imagination to find solutions and ways to succeed
  • Improved relationships with all the manmade races, improved ability to build relationships with other cultures and ethnicities, and new ability and motivation to unite the human family

Fun and Easy to Use

This course is very easy to use. Simply print out the workbook and give your child access to the course. Have them go at their own pace, take the assessment and watch the videos lectures. Complete the assignments in the workbook after each video lecture and listen to the self-concept-strength conditioning audio session after the Four Toxin lectures.

Although not necessary, it is highly recommended that you as a parent take the course, too. This way, you can discuss it with your child and be a better role model and coach for the information given throughout the course.                                                   

The Path to the Unbreakable You course has had a major impact on our family. It gave us the ability and made it enjoyable to discuss some very sensitive issues that were affecting all of our lives. I would highly suggest that every parent of African American children and any other non -white person have their children take this course.

Katrina Johnson


What a fantastic course. It deals with real issues our children face. My daughters and son love it….they said it was one of the best courses they have ever taken and they wished their school would teach it.

Barbara Freeman


Materials Provided in This Course

The lessons combine multimedia lessons, entertaining instructional videos, printable worksheets, personal assessments and offline assignments. There are 19 lectures equaling over 5 hours of video lectures (documentary quality videos)

  • 4 Audio Self-Concept Strength-Conditioning Sessions equaling over 3 hours (designed for unlimited use to empower your use throughout the year whenever you need to be uplifted and remotivated)
  • 4 Self-Assessments
  • Path to The Unbreakable You e-book (105 pages full of powerful tools, empowering insight and skill-building exercises)

The Time is Now to Help Your Children Create and Protect the Highest Version of Themselves

To make sure all teenagers of African, American Indian, Asian and Latino descent have access to this remarkable course, the cost is only $89.95. With a Money-Back Guarantee. If you cannot afford the $89.95, send an email to



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