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Darin Green

Darin Green

Founder of Unbreakable Institute, Author, Inspirational Speaker

You Are Unbreakable

All human beings are genetically designed to make the impossible possible. When our self-concepts are in alignment with our genetic structure, we are capable of achieving and creating anything we truly desire and believe. There are two major side effects of the manmade construct of race that impact every generation of people of color. One is the emotional and psychological scars from horrific racism and abuse that previous generations experienced. Modern science and psychology has proven that traumatic experiences can be genetically passed on in the nervous system to future generations. The other is an uneven self-concept building society. Almost all the things that shape our self-concepts – the media, educational institutions, political and economic structures – have been contaminated by the manmade construct of race. Whether intentional or unintentional, most of the self-concept building assets of our society are designed to build up and empower the self-concept of white people. This uneven self-concept building society and racism trauma of the past is having a devastating effect on many people of color’s self-concepts, potential, personal power, happiness and quality of life.

In this journey with Darin Green, you will learn the importance of healing your self-concept from past micro-aggressions and racism and protecting your self-concept from the daily exposure of toxic images and information. You will also learn how to protect your self-concept from future micro-aggressions, racism and unfriendly, hostile environments. This lecture will increase the awareness of your true human potential and power. It will increase your confidence, motivation, resiliency and sense of belonging on campus, in the community and world.


Target Audience:
Students of color of African, Latino, American Indian and Asian descent. All non-white students.

Time frames: Up to 90 minutes, with or without Q and A

This program will be tailored to fit your group’s needs and culture   

The Construct of Race is Not Sustainable

Throughout our lives we have been conditioned to believe that there are different races of people and that some races of people are genetically superior to others. Modern science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no such thing as race. Yet, even though race does not biologically exist, still governments, medical and educational institutions and entire societies are falsely categorizing human beings into sub-races of people. They are fragmenting the human family. This fragmentation of the human family has caused more unnecessary violence, poverty and war than anything else in our human experience.

In this journey with Darin Green, you will learn why the concept of race is not sustainable. You will learn how transcend this archaic way of thinking and living. Darin will clearly show students there is no one on earth genetically superior or inferior to them. He will illustrate how the manmade construct of race may have damaged their self-concept and might be blocking some of their amazing human potential, power and ability to connect with each other and build a more peaceful, unified campus, community, society and world.


Target Audience:
Entire student and/or administrative body

Time frames: Up to 90 minutes, with or without Q and A

This program will be tailored to fit your school’s needs   

Dove is a gifted, powerful speaker!

Eric Holman

Student, CNU

Everything he said was interesting and empowering. It changed me.

Debbie Lopez

Student, CNR

I feel like I can do anything!

Dante Bennet

Student, ENC