for College Students

Helping First-Generation Students of Color Make It Across the Graduation Stage

The Path to The Unbreakable You Course is a valuable resource for multicultural centers, student success and retention departments, student unions and any organizations with a mission to help students of African, American Indian, Asian and Latino/Hispanic descent succeed.


Who is this course for?

  • Freshman students of color
  • Non-white students who are having a difficult time fitting in and adjusting to campus life
  • Any students of color interested in minimizing stress and increasing energy and academic output
  • Healing the psychological wounds from past and present microaggressions and racism
  • Any students of color who want to strengthen their self-concept and increase their confidence and sense of belonging on campus
  • Any students of color who want to improve their campus experience and happily achieve their academic and life goals
  • Any students of color who want to feel better about who they are

The Path to The Unbreakable You course has played a huge role in my career at RIT. I became dedicated to attending the course each day my first year of college The Future Stewards Program has created a community that is welcoming to Indigenous students of all backgrounds, and has established support for students that are disconnected from their culture while transitioning to RIT. Personally, I have benefited most from the media and storytelling modular

Brendan Tovar


Improving Retention Rates

The college retention research over the last thirty years clearly shows that peer relations on campus influences how students of color perform and succeed. Due to underrepresentation and real or perceived hostile and discriminatory climates, students of color generally have a lower sense of belonging compared to their white peers. If not corrected, this lower sense of belonging can affect them throughout their academic and professional careers.

Increasing Sense of Belonging

It’s one thing to get students of color through the door, but it’s another thing to help them to thrive and graduate. The Path to The Unbreakable You Course will help your university foster an enriching educational experience for non-white students by increasing a sense of belonging and easing the stress and anxieties caused by the unique challenges students of color face.

Creative Solutions & Tools for Unique Problems

Although there has been tremendous change and improvement in race relations throughout our society, systemic racism still exists. Thus, many students of color at your university are still coming from underrepresented and underserved schools and communities. They may be the first person from their family to go to college. Regardless of their zip code and family academic history, because of the manmade construct of race, being perceived as a minority and growing up in systemic racism, students of African, American Indian, Asian and Latino descent will have to face many, if not all, of these unique challenges and obstacles:

  • The negativity, weakening and downward pull of being perceived as a minority
  • Experiencing microaggressions and systemic racism on a regular basis
  • Experiencing systemic colorism in the family, culture, community and media
  • The hurt, fear, self-doubt, umbrage, misinformation, stress, anxiety, self-hate and perceived limitations passed down into the psyche generation after generation (caused by the vicious psychological and/or physical abuse of the racism of the past that their parents, grandparents and ancestors experienced)
  • An uneven self-concept-building education system, media and society (rarely seeing, learning about positive, powerful people who look like them in history books, movies, TV shows and fairytales, business owners, people of power and authority figures). This creates a false paradigm that white people are genetically and intellectually superior to people of color.

To heal and prepare students of color to excel on campus and in life in this reality, a more direct, powerful and focused approach to successful learning and living is needed.


The Path to The Unbreakable You gives students instant access to powerful tools, engaging content, uplifting stories, and highly effective step-by-step strategies to increase their sense of belonging and transcend peer and/or faculty microaggressions. Students will learn how to heal and better protect themselves from hostile and/or discriminatory climates and how to transcend real and/or perceived racism.

Benefits of the Course 

  • Eliminate and reject any inferior thinking and behavior that make students feel like they don’t belong on campus
  • Approach new social and academic interactions with greater confidence, boldness and self-esteem
  • Eliminate self-doubt and maintain a more focused, confident mindset to achieve degree completion
  • Gain specific knowledge and strategies for quickly recovering from microaggressions and unfriendly encounters
  • Create and maintain a mindset and attitude that will give students the ability to take the steps necessary to complete essays, projects and goals
  • Reduce and prevent the stress and anxiety of being a minority on campus
  • Eliminate the fear of rejection and not being accepted by white peers and others on campus
  • Employing mindfulness techniques to create more happiness, energy, drive and focus
  • Heal and transcend the emotional wounds from past and present racism
  • Develop a mindset of loving and believing in oneself to pursue degree completion with confidence and determination
  • The Path to the Unbreakable You Course can be used over and over again to stay focused and committed to academic goals

What are the Requirements? 

  • No prerequisite knowledge needed
  • Desire to expand oneself
  • Desire to earn a degree and achieve life goals
  • Access to a computer, tablet or cell phone
  • Head phones for self-concept strength-conditioning sessions
  • A willingness to have fun and enjoy the course

The Path to The Unbreakable You course has meant a lot for me. I am the first in my family to attend college and It has given me the opportunity to start my journey on the right foot. Thanks to this course, the people in multicultural services and some good professors. I can already say I love college. I can honestly say that this course help open my mind and increased my confidence and ability to adjust and feel like I belong here.

Roger Rice


With every day that passes I am increasingly grateful with my decision to take the Path to The Unbreakable You course become. I am a first-generation student freshman and I do feel lost at times, trying to figure out college dealing with micro-aggressions on and off campus left me feeling stressed and lost. This powerful course gave me the confidence and inner power to stay on or get back on track whenever I needed it.  This did really help me a lot.

Aron Clinton


Materials Provided in This Course

The lessons combine multimedia lessons, entertaining instructional videos, printable worksheets, personal assessments and offline projects that focus largely on developing higher order thinking that help students of color achieve overall high school, college, career and life readiness.


  • 19 Lectures equaling over 5 hours of Video Lectures (documentary quality videos)
  • 4 Audio Self-Concept Strength-Conditioning Sessions equaling over 3 hours (designed for unlimited use to empower students throughout the year whenever they need to be lifted up, recommitted and refocused)
  • 4 Self-Assessments
  • Path to The Unbreakable You e-book (105 pages full of powerful tools, empowering insight and skill-building exercises)