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Meet the Unbreakable Team

Darin Green, Founder

Darin Green’s Life Experiences, Education, Research and Life Passion sent him on a journey to become one of the world’s top experts on Race Self-Concept Healing. Darin is an international motivation speaker and successful author. His programs and books have empowered people and audiences from all over the world, from CEOs of world-class companies to correctional inmates. He has touched the lives of millions of individuals over the last twenty years.

Darin’s difficult life story and unbreakable commitment to healing and uniting the human family have earned him the titles of The Cultivator of Harmony and Excellence and Mr. Unbreakable. Darin’s life was not only challenging, but it was also unique and would lay the foundation for the incredible work he does today.

The Unbreakable Journey

Darin was born into the all-black, segregated housing projects in Denver, Colorado, surrounded by poverty and violence. He witnessed his first violent crime at the tender age of four. Darin was at a drugstore with his mother when the store was robbed, and the cashier was shot and killed right in front of him.

This was the first of many profound life experiences that had a significant impact on Darin’s life. By the age of six, his parents became the first African-American family to move into the all-white, affluent farming community of Loveland, Colorado. No one would sell the family a house until CEO Dave Packard, of Hewlett-Packard, the company Darin’s father worked for, forced the city of Loveland to allow his family to buy a house. Darin’s first and closest friends were Mexican migrant workers of this farming community, who welcomed Darin and his family with open arms.

Darin and his family experienced the good and the bad of white, small-town living.  At just 8-years old, while walking to the doctor’s office, Darin and his mother were surrounded, spit on, called the N word, assaulted with rocks, and told to go back to Africa by an angry mob of white teenage males. This was the first-time young Darin realized there was racism in the world and how dangerous and life changing it could be. He also was shown the good in people, as many of Darin’s white neighbors came to show their support and welcome his family to the town after they heard about the assault.

In the years that followed, numerous racist experiences never broke Darin or prevented him from being one of the most popular kids in his school. To fit in with his peers, Darin hid much pain, shame and fear. This hidden pain and suffering created many self-destructive behaviors the would affect Darin throughout college years and his young adult life.

Darin’s family suffered from many of the ills of racism and colorism. Inside his family tree, alcohol addiction, physical abuse, self-hate, self-shame and any other dysfunction you can imagine caused by living in systemic racism could be found. However, for most of his adult life, he pretended that racism did not negatively influence him or his family.

Today, there is no pretending. Darin head on tackles the psychological damage racism and colorism does to people of color and provides real tools and strategies for creating and protecting the highest version of yourself while learning, working and living in societies where systemic racism and colorism exists.

A Lifetime of Research

From the age of 8 to adulthood, Darin spent his school months in an affluent white community and his summers and Christmas vacations in all-black, poverty stricken communities. At the age of 10, he started to write a daily journal about his experiences and the profound similarities and differences between the two communities. Without knowing it, these journals would be the start of his valuable life research. This led to Darin pursuing his Master Degree in Social Work at UOPX.

Darin Green’s research intensified when he became a diversity trainer working throughout corporate America, universities, and across the country. What he witnessed in the diversity training further convinced Darin that people of color need to heal themselves from the racism of the past and better protect their self-concepts from the human-made construct of race and the devaluing, disempowering messages and images in the media and throughout society.  This all led to the creation of Unbreakable Institute and The Path to the Unbreakable You course. Darin created this course hoping that every person of color in the world would one day have access to it!


Scott Peek, Technical Advisor/Co-Founder

Scott Peeks helps make our website more amazing and our course easy to use. Scott has won college awards for his web and graphic designs. He is also a serious video gamer!  Scott is very passionate about helping youth of color, and he currently teaches technology to disadvantaged African American and Latino youth, helping schools solve IT issues and improve their computer skills. Scott Peek holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

Lorraine Mejia, Marketing Director

Lorraine Mejia’s colorful hats have included social worker, counselor, children’s librarian, poet, copyeditor, writer, curriculum developer, online instructor and marketer. She won the Loft Literary Center’s Chicano/Latino Inroads and Mentorship Program, and her books include Wild Woman at My Door and Mexican in Minnesota, which is forthcoming summer 2016. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and an MLS in Youth Librarianship. Her other passions include Naam Yoga, watercolor painting, dance, cooking delicious plant-based food, walking barefoot in grass, children, the sound of cardinals and desert summer nights.

Steve Wright, Sales Consultant

Prior to joining the Unbreakable team, Steve Wright was a Sales Manager for CR Institute, Inc. He holds a BS in Business Management. Steve moonlights as a comedian and playwright.

Debbie Hunter, Curriculum Research/ Sales Consultant

Debbie helped expand The Path to The Unbreakable You curriculum and helps make the course a better tool for all minority students. She holds a BA in Education. Her passion is mentoring American Indian youth and learning the language of her Navajo ancestors.

Marissa Davis, Youth Presenter/Sales Consultant

Marissa spends her days figuring out how to empower students of color throughout the world. She is very passionate about uniting our world and building a bright future for all of humanity. Before joining the team, Marissa traveled the world to find her place in it. She has lived in and visited 13 different countries. Marissa holds an MA in International Relations.