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Unbreakable Institute is an organization dedicated to providing the necessary tools, information, and strategies to people of African, Native American, Asian, and Latino/Hispanic descent to strengthen and protect their self-concept to be prepared for every opportunity and obstacle in front of them.

 The Path to The Unbreakable You course is an online video course currently empowering people of color all over the country, like no course ever has, on the subject matter below:

The Reality of Opportunity

As a Person of color, you must never forget that you are not a minority, some 2nd class citizen or inferior human being. The joy, abundance, and the good things of the world are yours, too. That there is nothing you can’t do or have if you are prepared for the unique challenges you face.

Ninety-eight percent of all employment and business opportunities will require you to interact work and build a relationship with a clear majority of people from a different man-made race and culture than yours. 99 percent of higher education opportunities require you to be on a campus and classrooms with the clear majority of students and faculty being from a different man-made race and culture than yours. Simultaneously, you will constantly be exposed to images and information that glorifies whiteness and devalues dark skin and people who do not have European features.  To create and protect the highest version of yourself and healthily, happily and confidently achieve your professional and personal goals. You must be fully prepared to face these realities.

The Obstacle that You have Control Over; The Relationship with Yourself

The relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. In fact, it will determine your level of happiness and the outcome of your life.

Being a person of African, Native American, Asian, and Latino/Hispanic descent, the question is not if your self-concept has been weakened and damaged by the manmade construct of race, but how much it has been damaged. Psychology research shows, whether intentional or unintentional, the stereotyping in the media, being perceived as a minority, living in a society where 92 percent of Government elected officials and people of authority and power are from the white manmade race, and the glorification of whiteness throughout society and in the media has a negative impact on the self-concept and self-worth of most people of color. Add to this the emotional pain and psychological trauma coming from past and present systemic racism. It is easy to see how this can negatively impact your sense of belonging, focus, confidence, life energy, health, and happiness.

The fact is, the stress, anxiety, and damage to the self-concept caused by the manmade construct of race and the systemic racism and colorism it has created doesn’t go away just because we look the other way or because racism is no longer there.

Until the Path to the Unbreakable You course, there have been few effective tools and resources for combating the emotional pain and psychological challenges people of color face.

Effective Tools for Creating and Protecting the Highest Version of Yourself      

The Path to The Unbreakable You course is a one-of-a-kind online video course that dramatically increases the sense of belonging, self-appreciation, confidence, mental clarity, and power in people of color. The information and step by step tools in this remarkable course help participants remove the self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and anxiety created by the manmade construct of race. Each video lecture, assignment, and exercise in the Path To The Unbreakable You workbook, and each of the audio self-concept meditation sessions help participants realign, strengthen, and heal their self-concept and help participants maintain the highest version of themselves in any environment and situation. This course will help you unleash and maintain the necessary optimism, confidence, and power to expand yourself and take your life to the next level.

The Path to The Unbreakable You Course Will Speak for Itself

We know this is a very sensitive and serious subject. We have put twenty years of research, love and dedication into this course, and fully stand by our claims. Therefore, we offer a full money back guarantee for individual enrollments, if you feel this course did not increase your confidence, self-appreciation, sense of belonging, happiness and personal power. Giving you more energy, focus, determination and tools to create the highest version of yourself. Simply contact us at, and we will refund your money.

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